Migration (En)

Migration (En) · 17. Oktober 2019
Poverty causes migration. But migration also fights poverty. Migrants accelerate their home countries‘ development via remittances. Already today the total amount of remittances is several times higher than world-wide development aid. Are remittaces, therefore, a solution to help develop the African continent?
Migration (En) · 30. Juni 2019
The cliche' of the taxi-driving Iranian physician has already become a saying in the German language. Many migrants‘ qualifications do not meet the needs of the destination country’s labor market. Why is that the case?
Migration (En) · 23. Mai 2019
Refugees increase criminality. The German public has been shocked several times by violence crimes exercized by asylum-seekers – lately by murders in Wiesbaden and Prien. Is the threat of refugee criminality rising? A new study gives facts.
Migration (En) · 12. April 2019
Migration is demonized. Increasing numbers of refugees, migration driven by poverty and the destruction of national sovereignty stick in our minds. Undercut wages, immigration into the welfare state and insufficient cultural integration brandmark migration. We forget that migration has its positive sides. A plea.
Migration (En) · 29. März 2019
This week Ukraine is holding presidential elections. Five years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the conflict in the Donbas region is still ongoing. Thousands of people are still displaced. What is the refugee situation like in the conflicts’ sixth year?
Migration (En) · 18. März 2019
A country at the edge of collapse. Bulgaria is losing its young population. Between 1990 and 2007 about one million people left the country. Since joining the European Union (EU) about 30,000 people have been emigrating every year. Besides demographic problems especially the highly skilled are leaving. The so-called Brain-Drain, the emigration of a country‘ elites, is threatening developing countries. Does it?
Migration (En) · 26. Februar 2019
Climate Change threatens humanity. According to prognoses by 2050 there will be about 1 trillion climate refugees. Many of these move to rich developed countries. Europe will be many African migrants‘ destination. Read this article to know why that is bulls***.
Migration (En) · 18. Februar 2019
On March 31, 2019 the United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU). Perhaps at least. With a rejected deal with the EU and no alternative at hand the UK is striving into a time of uncertainty. UK citizens living in the EU fear losing their residence permissions and vice-versa. How can their residence status be guaranteed? Here is the answer.
Migration (En) · 02. Februar 2019
The amount of refugees world-wide is higher than at any time since World War II. And the numbers are increasing. In the beginning of 2018 there have been 68.5 million refugees. Out of these, 25.4 million are international refugees. About 40 million are internally displaced persons and 3.1 million are asylum-seekers. The majority (52%) are children. Although the amount of refugees in Europe is rising, 85% of all refugees world-wide still live in developing countries.